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What We Do



Join us for our series of concerts set in scenic, natural settings! Insert Music Here’s goal is to present intimate concert programs in outdoor settings, engaging both new and familiar audiences and inspiring awareness and action for environmental initiatives. These frequently feature our Insert Music Here Artists as well as musical collaborations and partnerships with local arts and environmental organizations. Check out our calendar of events to learn more and reserve tickets!


We feel a profound sense of gratitude for the musical experiences and education that we have received throughout our lives and believe that access to music, as well as music education, is a vital part of the human experience. Introducing Classical music to new listeners, both young and old, brings us a great sense of joy and fulfillment. As we travel to new locations, part of our ongoing mission is to give performances and educational presentations to local schools, retirement facilities, and community centers, with an emphasis on organizations that may not have access to a piano or musical performances. 

Please click here for more information on different educational programs that we offer, as well as information about scheduling events! 

Private Events

Let us take your special event to the next level! We perform for private parties, serving music lovers who may not have access to a piano or who are looking for high-caliber music indoors or outdoors! We love sharing new experiences with audiences and connecting with both familiar and new listeners to Classical music, without the barrier of a stage. Additionally, you can find us performing at venues such as art galleries, wineries, and restaurants.

Contact us here for bookings or more information on our musicians and services!

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