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Join us as we travel across California to reconnect with nature through the lens of music. 

To support this series of concerts and help make this amazing music accessible for more people, please consider supporting us.

Details available on our Calendar page!


Eaton Canyon.jpg

Eaton Canyon Nature Center

April 2, 9, 16, 2022

plus a special EARTH DAY celebration on April 22, 2022!



Photo credit: LA Department of Parks & Recreation


BACH TO NATURE explores themes of time and connection. The landscapes in this series each tell unique stories of gradual change over time; from giant Redwood groves, to sea cliffs battered by waves, to surreal rock formations older than the dinosaurs. These environments are all inextricably connected across the hundreds of miles that separate them in California. Similar to how all Redwood groves form a single connected unit, tying together the lives of trees hundreds of years apart in age into a single ecosystem, our musical offerings in this program weave together and intersperse works from hundreds of years ago with pieces written in the present day. BACH TO NATURE evokes a musical landscape which has similarly been shaped by nature and time. We hope to inspire reflection on how we, as humans, are also inextricably connected to our natural homes and how we can reconnect and better care for our world. 

Just like happening upon a hidden spot while on a hike or walk in the park, there are elements of mystery and discovery for the music in our programs. While there will often be clues to some pieces or themes within our program titles, the music is left as a surprise to be experienced in the fresh air, with an open mind and heart. For those who wish to read more about the music they hear, we provide a "look back" after the completion of a series. 

- from Katelyn

 Pianist and Artistic Director


Katelyn photo Monterey.jpg

Katelyn Vahala, piano

Co-Founder & Artistic Director of Insert Music Here

Learn more about Katelyn here.

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